Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was missing for a while.  While I was gone, blogger changed things on me.  I kept trying to go to I losing it?  Either way..I had to go to  I am so confused.  Shocker.  Well...I have been missing from bloglife.  I think its my ADD.  Bad ADD lately.  I mean my mind keeps racing...every time I think to pick up my camera or write down my thoughts, my thoughts jump around and I lose track of what I was just about to do.  I am a walking ADD poster ad. 

Yesterday, I was on my own in getting both kids, dinner and entertaining them until bed time.  I had to bribe Aidan with a smoothie from McDonalds.  He wanted to go to the grocery store.  It is pretty bad when your 4 year old begs you to go to the grocery store to buy food.  I was way too tired for the grocery store, 95 degree weather, high heals, 2 hungry kids and missing Daddy. That was NOT going to happen.  So I bribed him with a smoothie and made spaghetti.  Instead of cleaning up the mess, I distracted myself by going outside with the kids.  Watered the flowers and played with toys.  Mason ended up taking his little car and taking off towards the park.  So the park it was I guess.  7:30 at night going to the park.  I am always that panic looking Mom at the playground.  The one stuck in her head thinking of all the horrible things that could go wrong.  Mason could fall and break a bone or land on his head.  What if he gets a bug bite and somehow has an allergic reaction to it.  I mean crazy thoughts.  And then after I come back to reality I see this!

This boy is going to give me a lot of freak outs.  He is determined to do everything his older brother can do.  His older brother is determined to show him everything he shouldn't do.  On the way back from the park I had to throw Mason over my shoulder.  We got back to his car thing to push back to the house and he refused to wear his shoes.  He took them off and wanted to walk barefoot all the way home.  I of course would not allow that.  Remember, I freak out in my head of all the things that could go wrong.  I could just imagine a huge piece of glass getting stuck in his foot and I having to rush him to the ER.  Well...Mason would not let me put on his shoes and I would not let him walk barefoot.  So I was that crazy neighbor walking after 8pm through the neighborhood with a SCREAMING 2 year old wiggling off my hip while hitting me, pushing this red and yellow car thing with my 4 year old behind me laughing because he is hitting me with this bike.  Ahhhh good times.

Another reason I have been MIA is I have been vacationing in Spain.  No I'm kidding.  Really though...been in Louisiana visiting my husbands side of the family.  All I can say is it is a DIFFERENT world down there.  Drive through margarita places (yes with real alcohol) and casinos located conveniently in gas stations.  I wanted a picture of that one..but hubby was too busy texting to get out of the car and take a damn picture.  That is another story though.  Oh and the food.  I am talking lots and lots of food.  All I did was eat down there.  Life is centered around its food.  I was even daring enough to try crawfish.  I learned how to break the tail and suck the head....(insert sarcastic comment here).  Awesome time..awesome trip.  Wish I took more pictures.  I blame the ADD.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Fresh Beats

Found a few more pictures on my cell from this past weekend.  Now that we saw the Fresh Beat Band live, it has become a family event watching the show.  We talk about how they looked different in person.  Aidan noticed not only was there a "new" Marina but her outfit was slightly different.  Good find Aidan...good find. 

Middle of the King Size bed in hotel....bed hogs.  Side note...Mason would not go to sleep that night unless he as cuddled next to Aidan.  My heart melts...

Wasting playing with water.


Mason stalking Elmo. 

Notice below Aidan's leg is propped up...????...????

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was like the running of the bulls.  Organized chaos.  Dads and Moms running with a purpose.  I will get to what I am talking about in just a second.  Wanted to start with a cliffhanger to suck you in.  Did it work?

Aidan's favorite cartoon is The Fresh Beat Band.  See birthday cake here.  Fresh Beat Band was featured on his bday cake!  So as his Mom, I take things a little too far.  He shows one tiny ounce of interest in something and I go overboard.  Like with those robot bugs.  It is more of an obsession.  He is so into The Fresh Beat Band (FBB)...I have started him in drum lessons.  His favorite member is "Twist" who I adore.  They are just great.  So like any crazy mom kid fan, he of course would flip if he got a chance to see his favorite show/band.  Growing up I wanted to meet Full House so bad.  I would lay in bed dreaming of the day I could meet them.  So after researching FBB I actually found out they were going to be playing a few hours from my house at Sesame Place.  However, you needed reservations.  I bookmarked the page and waited and waited and waited for the reservations to open up.  I am a member of a Fresh Beat Band blog who sends emails as well.  One day it came in!  An email saying the reservations were open to the public.  Quickly after that email..another one came to see they were sold out :(.  WHAT..sold out in an hour.  So what do I do?  I go on their website and try it anyway.  "Sold out" it said.  I tested the website and they were right.  Sold out :(.  But what if I try a strange instead of 4 people or 3 people, I try one adult and one kid.  BINGO.  It went I did that again and again until I had 6 reservations to see The Fresh Beat Band.  So I decided not to tell Aidan until the day before we left.  We were going to drive down there, stay in a hotel (with an indoor pool) and go see Fresh Beat Band in concert and then Elmo and friends for lunch.  He was also going to get to ride his first roller coaster.  The excitement I had for 2 months was uncontrollable.  We recorded Aidan when we told him.  I'll put up the video later this week.  He was beyond excited about the news he was going to a hotel with a pool and to see Fresh Beat Band and Elmo and Roller Coaster.  All in the same weekend.

Planning for this event took some Internet research.  I read on their facebook page about how thousands of people were upset they did not get a reservation.  People were outraged!  This was a HUGE deal.  People coming from all over the united states to take their kid to see Fresh Beat Band.  It is like the Lady Gaga of toddlers.  Just nuts.  Hotels were sold out in the area.  I had to splurge on one that cost way too expensive.  I wanted to get there the night before just so we had plenty of time to get in line at the park.  I wanted front row view of the band.  Joe actually went an hour before us and waited in line before the park even opened.  When the gates opened up...people were running.  I mean...running like mad parents trying to get in line.  There were two lines.  One for the "stand by" folks without a reservation and one line for those with a reservation.  Hubby did good and we were right up front.  All was planning worked out.  We were also able to give 3 of our reservations to a couple we met that had been waiting for hours the prior day to try and get into the concert.  It made us feel good to help someone out. 

I'll let the pictures do some of the talking....

Hotel's crazy how much excitement a pool can provide.  

King size bed for parents, crib for baby, pull out sofa for 4 year old.  All kids ended up in king size bed with Mommy hanging on the edge.  Happy Mothers Day to me!

Remote in one in another.  WOW

Super excited to be in a hotel
So much excitement led up to the concert.  Waiting here until it was time to leave. 

Hopefully all the running bulls...I mean parents were able to get into the concert..cause it was AMAZING.  Even Joe was having fun. 

His favorite..."Twist".  He had front row view of Twist. Aidan was star struck.  Didn't show too much expression.  Was just in a trance.  Joe and I had a blast watching their expressions.  Nothing like being able to provide that type of excitement for your kid.  It was the best feeling.

Aidan's first ride on a roller coaster and Mommy took him to the front.  What was a thinking?  Poor kid.  However..he wanted to do it again.  And again.  And again.  The last time he said " don't need to hold me"  Such a big boy!

Lunch with Elmo and Friends....My boys were NOT scared.  Mason ran around pointing and making this sounds like "what the heck are these things?"

Mason's face...need i say more
While taking this picture below...the guy "suggested" we take Mason paci out.  He had just woken up...yeah no that was not going to happen.  It is called a plug for a reason.

Joe and I said several times we had an amazing day.  We were at a small park with two young kids on Mothers Day.  May not be your ideal day as an adult but our kids had the time of their lives.  Aidan got to see his favorite tv show/band.  Mason stalked Elmo around the park.  They were so happy.  Happy Kids = Happy Parents.